Waterfront Dining

When it comes time to celebrate your next special occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, promotion celebration or just a night out with those who matter most to you, waterfront restaurants have more to offer over a traditional restaurant. Spring is here and as the weather gets warmer and sunnier, many outdoor activities become available. Many choose to exercise outdoors, hike, bike, or attend outdoor concerts and festivals. But those activities can work up an appetite and everyone needs to eat. Continue the fun by making a reservation at a waterfront restaurant and enjoy a beautiful view while you spend time relaxing with your loved ones.

If you are in a relationship, choosing a waterfront is the perfect way to set the mood for romance. Be warned – these places are very popular for holidays so if a major one is coming up soon, such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, you will need to secure your reservation well in advance. Popular restaurants can even be booked months ahead of schedule, so time is crucial when choosing where to have your night out. Additionally, ask the host or hostess if it is possible to specifically reserve a table with a great waterfront view or patio seating. Many restaurants do not specifically reserve these tables, but if that is what you want, be sure to ask for it.

A major concern for diners in choosing a restaurant will be the type of cuisine offered. Many restaurants with a water view will specialize in seafood, given the fitting location, but not all. High-end steakhouses can also be found with a waterfront view and some even have the ability to dock a boat at their harbor, creating an excitement not many eateries can replicate. Seek out these restaurants if they fit your tastes and needs but do not worry if this is out of your budget. Waterfront restaurants come in all varieties down to even “seafood shack” style casual dining.

Restaurants began in the 17th and 18th centuries as a combination of several concepts we enjoy today. Places where hot meals could be served to guests became popular in Europe in the seventeenth century as more and more people began to travel for business or family occasions. Along the way, they would need places to rest and recover and inns became centers where travelers could eat, drink, socialize and stay the night before continuing their journey. Louis XIV of France can be credited with popularizing the style of dinner service most common today. Called “service a la russe,” or Russian service, this was the serving of food in courses, one after another, as opposed to enjoying a large banquet where all the food came out at once. By the nineteenth century, restaurants were firmly established as popular destinations for a night out and beautiful locations were sought after by wealthy patrons looking to impress their guests. In centuries past, when ingredients would be procured locally by fisherman and farmers and then purchased directly by the restaurant owner, having a waterfront location indicated you had access to the freshest seafood and could deliver a superior meal. This became an attractive feature and these restaurants were able to charge premium prices for their unique ability in this regard.

Indeed, some of the most popular waterfront restaurants remain today in their original locations. They are destination spots for travelers or those looking to add a little more luxury to their dining experience. They are found on the shores of lakes, canals, and at the beach where they are popular vacation stops. At Waterfront Gourmet, that spirit lives on and our mission is to provide you with the best catering and dining available in Philadelphia. So, check us out today! You won’t regret it!

Catered for You

When it comes to food, people are picky. That’s why choosing the best catering Philadelphia has to offer is important when hosting your next office party, family affair, or get together with friends. But sometimes this is easier said than done. You want to choose a caterer with experience who can not only deliver delicious food, but one who can also make sure it is done on time and at an affordable price. A great caterer will make sure food is always served at the right temperature and that it is fresh upon eating.

There are a few considerations to be made when choosing a caterer. The best catering Philadelphia diners enjoy first and foremost great tastes. But taste can be subjective, so, in order to determine what kind of food should be ordered, let us first consider what kind of event is being thrown.

We can start by exploring the different kind of family events. For a birthday party, the age of the guest of honor is the biggest factor in choosing the right kind of catering. Satisfying guests at a child’s birthday party can be done simply with pizza, hamburgers, and macaroni and cheese for the kids, with simple sandwiches and salads for the adults. But when it comes to adults, things can great tricky. Having a birthday party catered for someone in their twenties can be a simple yet wonderful treat. People in their twenties often make less money than other age groups and providing a meal for guests of that age is a surefire way to attract partygoers and impress your audience. Simple items like hot and cold sandwiches, salads, and pastas are affordable and can go a long way to show your guests how much they mean to you.

When catering for a thirties and older crowd, explore a broader range of tastes. People of this age may have a more refined palate and may not be as easily impressed. A blend of exotic and familiar favorites may work to your advantage here and coupled with a selection of beer and wine, will work wonders. Consider, too, having multiple courses that start with fruit, cheese, or hors d’oeuvres and graduate to specially prepared entrees and then desserts with coffee.

Catering choices will change depending on the type of event. For birthday parties, a solid selection of delicious food will always make sense, but for a different type of event, such as an office party or graduation, it might be necessary to change the offerings. What will be the focus of the event? Will guests be sitting for most of the evening, such as in an awards ceremony or presentation? If so, more attention must be paid to the food choices as eating will be the primary activity of the night. But if guests are expected to spend more time at the bar or on the dance floor than at the dinner table, it is acceptable to narrow the dining options.

At Waterfront Gourmet, we strive to bring the finest catering available in Philadelphia. Let us help you with your next event and find the perfect package that will impress all of your guests.

The Perks and Disadvantages of Different Forms of Catering Companies

Basics of Catering Companies: Choosing the Right Catering Style
When choosing from the vast array of catering companies, the first decision you need to make is the type of catering style you want to serve. After all, the serving style you choose can have a significant impact on the overall success of your event. Each method provides its own unique experience, so to determine the best option for your situation make sure you know all the benefits and disadvantages of these particular dinner catering methods. However, before you choose your style, you will want to weigh out some choices for your event.

• How many guests are you expecting?
• What are the relationships with each other?
• How many options are appropriate for the event?
• Are there any other activities planned besides eating?
• What size venue are you using?

Once answered, these fundamental questions can help support your decision in choosing the best catering company for your event.

The Perks
Catering styles offer a wide assortment of benefits depending upon the specific method you choose. For instance, some encourage conversation, while others promote a more informal atmosphere. The advantages of the three most common catering styles include:

• Buffet – Buffets offer a laid-back style of catering, and are an excellent choice for those trying to ensure every guest gets the kind of food they prefer. While more informal than plated dinner options, buffets can still be elegant and practical.

• Family Style – Family style is another form of catering that encourages your guest conversation. Similar to eating around the table at home, guests can easily find an opportunity to interact when they pass around the different dishes. This style also provides guests with the opportunity to choose the foods they want without the awkward moments of moving past plates on a buffet they don’t like.

• Plated Dinners – If you’re looking for a traditional and sophisticated dining style, plated dinners are an excellent choice. It offers professional servers, classic style entrees, and is customizable to allow you to perfect the menu to your personal preferences. Plated dinners also encourage conversation and activity both during the meal and between courses.

Like any option, along with the perks, there are multiple disadvantages associated with each option. These can include:

• Buffet – Unlike plated dinners and other forms of catering, buffets can be very tricky. Unlike a buffet-style restaurant, when catering, you don’t want everyone to form a line simultaneously. Most catering companies will stop discreetly at each table to alert guests when it is their turn until every guest has had the chance to go to prevent a massive line from forming.

• Family Style – While great for families, a family style catering option can feel forced and uncomfortable when guests are unfamiliar with each other. Therefore, seating arrangements are crucial when choosing a family style catering option.

• Plated Dinners – The downside to plated dinners is they are tricky for events where you have other activities planned (such as dancing). Thankfully, there are ways catering companies can help you to counteract this dilemma. Another common downside is the limited menu choices. While you can customize plated dinners to your preference, once you choose your menu, they generally cannot change them. Therefore, you should always talk to your guests to figure out any allergies or personal preferences to avoid any issues during your event.

For more information on the different catering styles available, call 1-267-797-2467 today. The helpful staff at Waterfront Gourmet can answer any questions or concerns you may have to help determine the very best catering option for your event.