Searching for Delicious Catering in University City? Then You’ve Got to Try Waterfront Gourmet

Where can you find the best catering in University City? Waterfront Gourmet.

Where can you find a wide-ranging catering menu that will please and satisfy meat eaters and vegetarians? Waterfront Gourmet.

Where can you go to get a delicious catered meal with free delivery? Waterfront Gourmet.

Where can you find a caterer that specializes in gourmet, farm fresh and made to order meals? Waterfront Gourmet.

If you’re looking for mouthwatering catering for your corporate event, celebration or seminar, then you simply must try Waterfront Gourmet. We can create the perfect spread for your occasion, no matter how big or small.

Want to know what sort of tasty things we have on the menu?

At Waterfront Gourmet, we specialize in healthy and nutritious, globally inspired cuisine.

If tray after tray of hearty paninis, wraps and other specialty sandwiches loaded with grilled chicken, turkey, or roast beef sound totally tantalizing, then Waterfront Gourmet is just right for your event. We’ve got breakfast sandwiches for those morning meetings that your crew will just love. When they tuck into our cheesy breakfast burrito or our prosciutto egg panini with some gourmet Illy coffee, they won’t mind that they had to wake up bright and early for that conference.

Waterfront Gourmet would never leave your vegetarian guests hungry, either. We pile our hummus tray high with grilled pita and fresh sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. Then, there is our veggie tray that is filled with an arrangement of crunchy and crispy vegetables and delicious dip, and don’t get us started on our cheese trays, fruit platters, salad trays, and chip and dip – we just love chips, salsa, and guacamole! The point is, your vegetarian and vegan guests will be happy with the selection, and those carnivores are probably going to want to get in on the veggie action, too! That’s ok. We’ll make sure that there are plenty of tasty treats for everyone.

Oh, and dessert lovers love us. Why wouldn’t they? When we can whip up some chewy chocolate brownies, cookies, coffee cakes, cupcakes, and Philly’s favorite snack – the pretzel. We dip ours in rich, luscious chocolate. Sounds yummy, right? We can assure you, it is!

So how do you get all these delicious morsels for your next event? It’s so simple. If you’re seeking catering in University City, just contact us at 267-308-5108, or come on by our location at 3131 Walnut Street and we’d be happy to help you create a menu your guests will rave about. Not in University City? Don’t worry. We have other locations in Philadelphia: Penn’s Landing, Roberts Center, and Dilworth Plaza.

That’s because Waterfront Gourmet is eager to serve everyone in the Philadelphia area and take care of all of their catering needs. So check us out online at or just visit any of our area locations. We can’t wait to see you and fix you and your guests something totally delicious! Come visit and say Hi, today!

Looking for Philadelphia Waterfront Restaurants? Waterfront Gourmet has the Tastiest, Most Delicious Menu

There are plenty of those. but if you’re looking for a quaint little café that features a tasty globally inspired deli menu, then look no further than Waterfront Gourmet. We’ve got the treats and eats that will make your visit to the Philadelphia waterfront as delicious as it is entertaining.

No matter what you’re hungry for, our menu is wholesome, nutritious and thoroughly satisfying. Do you just love gourmet specialty sandwiches? How about a roast beef panini loaded with peppers, onions and melted Swiss cheese, or a spicy Cubano with roast pork, ham, melted Swiss, and a crunchy dill pickle? We’re making you hungry, aren’t we? Yeah, we thought so. Or maybe you can’t get enough of those deli classics? We’ve got ‘em. Whether it’s a tasty BLT, mouthwatering tuna melt, or triple-decker club sandwich, there’s plenty on our menu to satisfy even the most intense corner deli craving. More importantly, we only use farm fresh ingredients made to order, so your sandwich is always totally delicious.

Are you a vegetarian? Are you looking for a deli sandwich that is made just for you and your tastes? We can help you out with that. We’ve got veggie burgers, spicy tofu burritos and subs, veggie hummus, hoagies, paninis, quesadillas and so much more. What we’re trying to say is that, instead of going to the same restaurants and picking at a boring salad while your meat-eating friends feast, you can come to Waterfront Gourmet and really savor a varied vegetarian meal. Oh, and we have salads, too, if you want them. But not those basic salads; we’re talking really good salads. How does a kale apple salad with cherry tomatoes, raisins, walnuts, figs, feta cheese, and, of course, kale sound? Totally tantalizing, right? Well, it is. Our Mediterranean salad is tasty too. Loaded with hummus, lettuce, tomato, feta, red peppers, and grilled pita bread, it is sure to satisfy. And there’s more. Whatever type of salad you’re craving, we’ve probably got it.

We want you to visit us for breakfast, too, because there’s something here for everyone – from burritos to bagels to prosciutto and egg panini. We’ve got gourmet Illy coffee – Italy’s finest brew. We can make you an aroma rich and flavorful espresso, cappuccino, latte and more.

We just want you to think of Waterfront Gourmet when it comes to Philadelphia waterfront restaurants. When you’re strolling around Penn’s Landing with your friends, why don’t you come on by? You should check us out no matter where you are in Philadelphia. We have four locations: Penn’s Landing, University City, Roberts Center, and Dilworth Plaza, so you can always find a Waterfront Gourmet somewhere near you, whether you’re a city dweller, tourist, commuter, or student. So come and visit us, we’d be happy to make you something delicious. If you want to see more of our menu, visit

Waterfront Gourmet is the Most Delicious Restaurant for Your Catering Buffet

At Waterfront Gourmet, we know that you’re busy, and that even the idea of planning a big event is probably stressing you out quite a bit. Whether it’s a corporate conference or a business seminar that you’re trying to arrange, you’ve got to find the venue, plan the décor, and so much more. Then there’s the food. How are you going to feed a crowd of hungry business people? You want to make sure there is an incredible selection of wholesome, nutritious, and totally delicious things to eat.

How do you do that? With a catering buffet from Waterfront Gourmet, that’s how.

We can arrange tray after tray of tasty gourmet specialty sandwiches, fresh veggie and salad platters, mouthwatering hummus and grilled pita spreads with sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, chips and dips heaped high with guacamole and salsa and piles of crunchy tortilla chips. Oh, and the cheese trays…ours are just loaded with the finest gourmet cheeses and fresh baked bread and crackers.

What about breakfast for those early morning events, you say? Don’t worry. We can do bagels and cream cheese with pastries, or a breakfast sandwich tray should you fancy it. No matter the selection, your guests are going to want some dessert. No problem. We can create a display of brownies, cookies, coffee cakes, chocolate dipped pretzels and cupcakes that just might be too pretty to eat. We said, might be. Everyone is going to want to dive right in, and they will… and then come back for more.

Everything sounds so delicious, doesn’t it?
We thought you’d think so. Well, that’s just some of the awesome that you can get when you select a catering buffet from Waterfront Gourmet. We are eager to make everything so simple and convenient for you. That’s why we offer free delivery if your event is in Center City or University City (but if you prefer to do the pickup, that’s fine too).

You see we strive to keep things as easy as possible because we know you’ve got a lot on your plate… so why not let us worry about your guest’s plates. Just contact us and we can help. To get your catering buffet started, contact the Waterfront Gourmet closest to your event. We’ve got four locations: Penn’s Landing, University City, Dilworth Plaza, and Robert’s Center, so there’s certain to be a café near you. What’s more, Waterfront Gourmet has the tasty morsels and treats that your guests are hungry for.

Want to know more? Just check us out at and look at our catering menu. Or come on by and visit us at any of our area locations. We can’t wait to whip up something totally delicious for your event. We’re sure that you and your guests will be totally impressed and that you’ll select Waterfront Gourmet for all of your catered events. So contact us and we’ll be happy to provide delicious meal suggestions or answer any of your questions.

The Best Waterfront Restaurant in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a fantastic tourist destination. With historical gems glittering the entire city, museums to help inspire your inner artist, safe and affordable fun for kids, and a nightlife that has endless possibilities, you can always find something great to do. While you are here, you will obviously need a fantastic place to eat that will give you the energy you need to take on all of these wonderful sites. When you think waterfront restaurant Philadelphia, you should think of Waterfront Gourmet. With a number of cafes around the city offering you fresh, delicious food you can go anywhere your heart takes you and know that you have lunch covered at a fantastic place. If you have any kind of events planned in this beautiful city, Waterfront Gourmet also has you covered with all kinds of delicious options to feed your guests. No matter your culinary needs, find what you are looking for here.

If you are looking for a waterfront restaurant in Philadelphia, you have a few options. One of the best places to get a tasty and wholesome lunch is Waterfront Gourmet. Their ingredients are always fresh when they get to your plate, and at no point are they ever frozen. If you are craving a delicious sandwich with your favorite lunch meat, you can order yourself a Turkey Addiction. Complimenting smoked turkey with ingredients like crisp apples, creamy Brie cheese, and arugula on fresh multigrain bread will send your taste buds soaring. If you want something with a little more flair, you can sample one of their paninis like the Chicken Pesto or the Turkey Cubano. These lunches are not only incredibly tasty, but are also healthy and wholesome. With Waterfront Gourmet, you will have all of your flavor cravings satisfied and have all the energy to take on the rest of the day of sightseeing. When you are busy walking around the historic district or touring the museums in center city, pop into Waterfront Gourmet and grab yourself some fuel to help make your day even better.

When you feel the charm that Philadelphia has to offer, you may decide it is exactly the place you want to say “I do” to your sweetheart. If this is the case, you will obviously need someone to take care of feeding your guests. Let Waterfront Gourmet take care of that for you. They will give you all the farm to table dishes you need and set them up beautifully so you can focus on your special day. Waterfront Gourmet takes pride in the quality of their food, so you do not have to worry about making sure everything is fantastic for your friends and family when planning events in Philadelphia.

Whatever you find yourself doing in the wonderful city of brotherly love (with a food addiction), you can count on Waterfront Gourmet to help feed you along the way. With a cafe that supplies you with all the lunch necessities, your day trip to the city will be fueled the right way. When it comes time to host large events down here, they also have you covered with a fantastic catering program. All of your dietary needs are taken care of if you just stop in to a Waterfront Gourmet for a bite to eat.

Need Catering in Philadelphia?

If you’re located in Philadelphia and need catering for an event, you’re in luck. Waterfront Gourmet has been supplying events with the best food around, and with their newest Center City spot, you benefit from the convenience of a fantastic location. With a beautiful view of City Hall to enjoy, it’s no wonder that people turn to Waterfront Gourmet for a relaxing breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can soak in the gorgeous heart of Philadelphia while you munch down on a gourmet sandwich, salad, or even soup! No matter what you’re in the mood for, Waterfront Gourmet has something for everyone. That’s why they’re the perfect choice to cater your latest party or business event!

What do you look for in a Philadelphia catering company? For most, quality is the number one concern in their food. That’s why plenty of folks will flock to a catering service that specializes in hoagies; a solid hoagie tray is certainly easy to come by in the Philadelphia area! What some people don’t always consider is that a hoagie tray can easily be accompanied by a salad selection or even a wider variety of sandwiches. Waterfront Gourmet offers a dazzling selection of sandwiches, salads, and pastries to stack your party with the options that people love. Whether it is paninis or hoagies, you and your guests will love all of the available choices.

Although it can be a hassle, it’s important to offer options for every kind of diet. It’s tough to provide a meal for a crowd that meat eaters and vegetarians alike can enjoy, but with Waterfront Gourmet, you’ll have the best vegetarian options around! We take pride in serving something for everyone, and when we cater for your office, dinner party, or private event, everyone gets a gourmet bite of their own. Eating is a celebration and one of life’s greatest pleasures; any catered event is joined with the time-tested tradition of enjoying a meal together. Make sure that your next catered event has a meal that everyone can partake in!

Waterfront Gourmet is the Philadelphia catering company that you’ve been waiting for. Whether your office is simply lacking in the bagel department or your best friend’s surprise birthday party needs a final touch, we’ve got your back. Check out our selection today! No matter what kind of gathering you’ve created, you can rest assured it will be a good one with the help of Waterfront Gourmet.

But we’re not just about catering, so come on down to one of our locations for any meal! If you’re looking to start your day the right way, you’ll love our breakfast options. Not every place sells avocado toast with goat cheese! We go above and beyond to make sure that our menu stays creative, fun, and delicious. You’ll also enjoy our delectable coffee, sure to brighten up that first part of the day! Check us out online and at one of our many locations around the city. We look forward to your visit!

Best Lunch Catering in Philly

If you’re a Philly native, you know one thing is true: we’ve got the best food city in this country. Not only are we world renowned for our incredible sandwich culture, but we’ve got the luxury of fine dining of all tiers throughout our beloved city. Yes, being a Philadelphian is a proud life, and that much is an absolute truth! Along with this beautiful food culture comes even better news: one of the best spots in Philly just recently opened right by city hall! That’s right, a center city spot for everyone to enjoy! Waterfront Gourmet has a wide and fruitful array of food to choose from, and if you’re hungry with a crowd, there’s even better news: they cater, and their catering is the best in the city.

Lunch Catering in Philadelphia isn’t easy to find. There are plenty of places that simply can’t strive for a better quality platter, and sometimes it isn’t fun to overspend. With Waterfront Gourmet, you’ll find a pleasant mix of fantastic lunch trays that express high quality ingredients and fantastic flavors. This is a place that really takes quality to heart, so when you order a sandwich tray, you’re ordering the best sandwiches in the best sandwich city in the country. That’s why Waterfront Gourmet is your new office savior with lunch catering in Philadelphia. Why not get your lunch from a place that can cater to everyone’s needs?

So, what are your needs? Well, more importantly, what are your whole crowd’s needs? If you need vegetarian options, you’ll be delighted to know that you can find an entire section for vegetarians on the menu! If you’re more of a carnivore, you should try their rendition of a Philly Cheesesteak! This is a cafe that has something for everyone, so if you’re the picky eater who really loves a good whitefish salad, you can find that too! With the fresh and crisp veggies and meats that come on every sandwich, you’ll be hooked immediately.

Waterfront Gourmet doesn’t just serve lunch, either! If you need to start your day with a robust and rich blend of coffee, you need to try the gorgeous coffee that’s offered at Waterfront. It’s simply the perfect way to wake up, and with a breakfast sandwich in your other hand, you’ll feel like a king! Whether you want to begin your morning with some fruit and pastries or you’re just looking for some of the best avocado toast on this earth, you’ll be glad that you trusted Waterfront Gourmet with the most important meal of the day.

If there’s one thing that’s better than the food, Waterfront Gourmet also touts the best service around. You’ll be met by the friendliest faces eager to supply you with the best food in the city! With a gorgeous view of City Hall to add to your experience, you’ll be in absolute bliss. That’s exactly what Waterfront Gourmet intends; a fantastic experience in the city you love most! Come on down today and see what excellent flavors await you!

Answering Your Catering Question: How Do I Find Quality Catering Services Near Me?

Planning an event can be difficult, and it is sometimes easy to feel frustrated and overwhelmed in the process. Between finding a caterer that can offer exactly what you’re looking for and one that can meet your price point, there are so many things to keep in mind. While this process can be challenging, you are definitely not alone. If you are asking yourself where to find “catering services near me,” know that we are here to help! Read on for some helpful tips to make this process as simple as possible!

1. Do Your Research
The Internet is your friend. As you begin the process of trying to find a caterer that is right for you and for your event, take advantage of all that the Internet can offer. When you search for ‘catering services near me,’ you are likely to find a handful of results, some more helpful than others. To help narrow down your search results, use the map function to see which companies are really closest to you. While you’re at it, you can easily access reviews that might aid in your decision-making. Make sure to check out relevant photos as well.

2. Make a Visit
Once you’ve compiled a list of some potential catering candidates, take an afternoon and visit as many locations as possible. Making an in-person visit can give you great insight into their operation and make your decision even easier. With a personal visit, you’ll have the opportunity to develop a sense of the company’s customer service as well as the quality of their food. Most caterers will let you sample some items from their menu. Many caterers even run their own restaurants that does service beyond catering, making it even easier to visit, taste, and decide on a candidate for your next event!

3. Be Discerning
As you make your way through the event planning process, you’ll need to answer some important questions. Identify what exactly your price point is, who your guests are, and what they like to eat. Answering these essential questions will make it easier for you to select a caterer. Don’t be afraid to eliminate potential candidates from the running. Having a narrow selection and being discerning in your choice will ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for. Not every company will be able to provide exactly what you’re looking for, and your guests deserve the absolute best!

Are you ready to jump in? Are you ready to begin the process of planning your event and finding the catering service that’s right for you? Look no further than Waterfront Gourmet, one of Philadelphia’s premier catering companies. With three convenient locations, the professionals at Waterfront Gourmet are committed to helping you plan, design, and cater your next event in the City of Brotherly Love. If you would like information on Waterfront Gourmet’s rates, menus, and services, visit them online or call 267-308-5108 today!

Fresh Food in Center City

Love eating? We do, too! At Waterfront Gourmet, we believe that going out to eat, or selecting a caterer for an event, is all about the vibe that you’re seeking. The food and atmosphere come together to make a tangible impact on your experience, whether you’re dining out or ordering to your venue. Breaking bread, both figuratively and literally, is part of the most essential and everlasting patterns of modern society. Enjoying a meal is an experience that literally sustains and nurtures us, while allowing us to either enjoy a quiet moment of solitary peace and relaxation, or a social interaction with our friends, loved ones, and/or colleagues. Having a meal is so much more than just eating; it is an experience.

The goal here at Waterfront Gourmet is to provide you with an edible experience that is familiar, cozy, and comforting, while also managing to be refreshing, distinctive, and impressive at the same time. We aim to provide a different, distinctive, and delicious option for restaurant catering in center city. By focusing wholly on familiar comfort foods of daily life, such as sandwiches, salads, paninis, and coffees, we are striving to improve upon the foods that we can all already agree are wonderful anytime, anywhere. Waterfront Gourmet is driven through a passion for food and a desire to hone the craft of a café and catering service to achieve a higher standard of quality and excellence. We appreciate the fact that, being located here in downtown Philly, we are one of many in terms of restaurant/catering options; but we are proud to offer unique creations that we are confident you will love!

By choosing to allow us to cater your event, you are choosing to impress your guests with the finest in fresh, delicious foods available for restaurant catering in center city. Since we began offering catering options in 2014, we have been proud to earn ourselves a reputation for excellence and flexibility to fit the needs of our clientele. Need to cater a small, intimate gathering? We can do that. Need to cater a few hundred people for a corporate event? We can cover you for that, too. Need to cater for a group with dietary restrictions? We would be happy to accommodate that for you. We believe in the power of presentation, and we promise to prepare for your event in a manner that is tasteful, artistic, and stylish to your specific liking. We have options for all ages and are happy to cater for children as well as adults! Your event is sure to please and make an impression with our delectable trays providing satisfying eats and yummy treats for your guests. We understand that you will be busy with your event, so we gladly provide free delivery for all catering orders!

Please visit any (or all!) of our four café locations to experience for yourself the fresh, delicious new flavor and unique vibe we can add to your life. We are happy to now offer delivery through GrubHub and UberEats, because once you dine at our cafés, you are sure to crave some Waterfront Gourmet at home, too! If you’d like to know more out about our menu, our café locations, or our catering services, please contact us. We can’t wait to hear from you and share with your our love of fresh, gourmet, and delicious food!

Philly Catering at Its Finest

Ah, Philadelphia. The city known for its rich history, unique culture, and of course, great food. When you’re planning your next meeting, gathering, or party in Philadelphia, you want to be sure that you’ll be able to satisfy each one of your guest’s tastes with a catering company that offers the best in quality and the kind of variety that you need when accommodating a group. After all, your friends, coworkers, and family members all likely have different preferences and dietary needs. Why not refer to a caterer who can appease everyone? Waterfront Gourmet can do just that. Made with quality ingredients, Waterfront Gourmet’s catering menu selections are designed to satisfy anyone—from vegetarians and vegans to the health conscious.

Waterfront Gourmet is a Philadelphia based eatery. Their four locations throughout center city are known for customer satisfaction and wholesome ingredients. Waterfront Gourmet provides the ideal deli experience. Their various menu options are all sure to satisfy. From their delicious sandwiches, signature salads, dip trays, and more, you can be sure you’re being provided with fresh and tasty food for your event’s guests.

Planning an outdoor event? Waterfront Gourmet is an excellent option for outdoor catering in center city. Waterfront Gourmet will work with you to construct the perfect menu for your event. They can create a catering option for an event of virtually any size. Their assortment of options can be scaled down to feed a few people or broadened to suit an event as large as a wedding. For any event in center city, Waterfront Gourmet has what you will need to provide the best experience possible for your guests. They care about their food being beyond satisfactory. They also care about making sure their clients have a convenient experience when they use their catering service. Your catering order will be available for pickup or delivery with no extra cost to you.

Planning an event can be a lot of work. When you’re busy pulling together an important meeting, party or gathering, you should be able to rest assured that your catering vendor is working with you to make it as easy as possible. When you turn to Waterfront Gourmet for your catering needs, you can rest comfortably knowing that you’ll be met with convenience and care. If you give them a call, they will do everything they can to make sure that any questions you may have will be thoroughly answered. Waterfront Gourmet will gladly talk with you to discuss pricing as well as menu options. They are not only dedicated to fresh, delectable food, but to creating a relationship that makes customers feel comfortable.

For indoor or outdoor catering in Center City, Waterfront Gourmet is a perfect option. With their attention to freshness, quality and customer satisfaction, you can be sure that you won’t regret hiring them for your event. Whatever your catering needs may be, you can trust Waterfront Gourmet to provide amazing food and impeccable service. To view their catering options, visit them online today!

Four Reasons to Consider Waterfront Gourmet for Your Center City Lunch Catering Needs

If you’ve struggled to find affordable, good lunch catering in Center City, you wouldn’t be the only one. In a city as busy as Philadelphia, it’s surprisingly tough to find a caterer who can bring the extra flair you need to leave a lasting impression on your employees, guests, or visiting experts. As the old saying goes, “the devil is in the details;” often it’s the little details of a convention, major meeting, or celebration that can really lock in your visitors’ memories of the event. With this in mind, here are four reasons to consider the incredible Waterfront Gourmet when you’re looking for lunch catering in Center City.

1. Truly Inspired and Worldly Foods
If there’s just one reason to choose Waterfront Gourmet, it’s that their food is created by artisans who are informed by diverse food cultures and legacies. Their founder, Hanna, raised and trained to expertise in the incredible Indonesian food culture, has since studied the unique melting pot of food and flavors Philadelphia has to offer. Inspired by her experience with food, the Waterfront Gourmet team maintains a constantly evolving menu of dishes that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

2. A Devotion to Quality and Professionality
Waterfront Gourmet regularly serves the leading businesses of Philadelphia and has a sterling reputation for punctuality, quality, and professionality in service. Having grown rapidly over the course of the last half-decade, Waterfront Gourmet has proven that they possess the expertise and finesse needed to shine in the competitive Philly restaurant scene. Their offerings for lunch catering in Center City come backed with a tradition of top-notch service and attentiveness to the needs of the client.

3. Experience That Shines
One of the best benefits of choosing Waterfront Gourmet is the breadth of experience in their team. The Waterfront Gourmet team has served events of all sizes, from major conventions to vital, small-team meetings, which means that no matter your needs, they’ll be prepared to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. You shouldn’t ever have to focus on the food when you’re going to be running an event; you should be able to trust the professionals. With Waterfront Gourmet, you can do just that.

4. Coffee
Need we say more? Few of us could survive our busy weekdays without the warm embrace of coffee. Thankfully, Waterfront Gourmet also serves top-shelf coffee alongside their delicious food. You can enjoy the innovative meals Waterfront Gourmet has to offer while sipping on a piping hot cup of premium Italian coffee by Illy. Brewed with care, the coffee you’ll have at your event will be sure to delight your guests – and ensure they don’t feel the mid-morning slowdown.

If you’re interested in learning more about the incredible offerings Waterfront Gourmet has at their four Philadelphia locations, we encourage you to visit their site. Not only will you see amazing photographs of their food, but you’ll learn a bit about their team as well.