Get Breakfast Catering in Philadelphia at Waterfront Gourmet

The city of Philadelphia is all about working hard for one another. We work hard for our families. We work hard for our friends. We work hard for our co-workers. Sometimes we get so caught up in work that we don’t take a moment to appreciate what is around us. We are living in a city that is vibrant and full of life. We are surrounded by historical successes.

We need to be the best versions of ourselves to be successful, and that means starting every day out the way it should be — with a great and healthy breakfast.

For many workers, it can be difficult to have a delicious breakfast every morning. There’s so much hustle to beat the morning rush that you mainly just want to get to the office and never get around to having the quality meal you should at the beginning of your day. You need it to be made easy by having the best Breakfast Catering In Philadelphia has to offer.

You should choose Waterfront Gourmet for breakfast catering in Philadelphia in multiple locations. It can be easy to get breakfast catering no matter where you are in the city. There are four great locations that make it easy to have catered food at any time of day.

The original location of Waterfront Gourmet is on the waterfront of the Delaware River and it is the perfect place to have breakfast. If you work in the historical area of Old City, you can easily get the best breakfast catering in Philadelphia has from the nearby original location. If you stop in to sit down for a meal, you also get a great cafe atmosphere whether you are just in for a quick meal to start your day or going to spend some time enjoying a few cups of coffee and a fresh bagel or breakfast sandwich.

There is a location at University City between the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University that makes it easy for college students and workers alike to grab a healthy meal to start the day. There is also a location in Roberts Center on South Street that is conveniently located for a quick meal.

Finally, you can find the newest location of Waterfront Gourmet right in the heart of Center City Philadelphia. Located across the street from City Hall, this is the perfect place to get your catering from if you are working in downtown Philadelphia.

For a full-service catering company offering everything from freshly baked bagels and cream cheese to breakfast sandwiches and fresh-brewed gourmet coffee, you can finally cater breakfast for the office or have everything you need for the perfect morning mingling session before a series of meetings.

You can take a look at the catering menu from Waterfront Gourmet and see for yourself how there are lot of options for every corporate event. This will allow you to skip the traditional boxed lunch or bagged meals and get something made fresh and made to be healthy to start your day off the right way.

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