Waterfront Gourmet Can Handle Your Wedding Catering Needs

A wedding is one of those special events that come with a laundry list of demands on the planner. If the planner happens to be you, there’s going to be a lot on your plate. Venues, performers, amenities, and provisions all fall under the purview of the planner, and planners sometimes need a little help to get the event off the ground.

To help out with event planning, some planners lean on the help of a reputable full-service caterer to supply the celebrants with refreshment. A Wedding Caterer can take some of the work off of your plate. That being said, when you’re the planner and you decide to work with a caterer there are a few more responsibilities you put on yourself. You need to maintain communication with the caterer with respect to the offerings that will be made at the wedding and you need to coordinate delivery. Most importantly, you’ll have to settle on a caterer to give the participants something to enjoy in the first place.

You’ll need to make sure that the wedding caterer you choose for your function offers something refreshing and new as well as some different options to appeal to a wide range of different tastes. Go with Waterfront Gourmet as your wedding caterer and that’s just one thing less you’ll need to worry about. Waterfront Gourmet’s entire principle in crafting menu items is that each plate contains an interesting and unique mix of flavors so that the palate never feels stale.

Every sandwich, hoagie, and salad on their menu takes proven, trusted flavors and matches them with vibrant new flavors to put an agreeable twist on all of their offerings. As a result, everything on their menu offers a little something different to the taster. It’s that kind of innovation and novelty that makes Waterfront Gourmet stand out from so many other caterers – they’re constantly making additions to their menu and experimenting with flavors so they can always offer you something new and exciting.

As for a variety of offerings to appeal to different tastes, not only does Waterfront Gourmet specialize in unique creations, they offer healthy options as well. With additions like their fruit trays, vegetable trays and assortments of salads, there’s something for every different appetite to appreciate. Their fresh, healthy offerings help to balance out their palette of unique flavors that will really add a little extra shine to any catered event.

As for ease of communication and convenience, Waterfront Gourmet just makes that the icing on the cake. It couldn’t be easier to work with them. Just call them up at 267-227-1994 and talk to them about what you’re looking for. You can discuss their menu with them and make it easy to pick out some catering offerings for a wedding or any other event.

You can also take a look at their catering menu on their website, WaterfrontGourmet.com. As far as convenience, how about free delivery to your event? Their catering is delivered free of charge. It’s just one more way that Waterfront Gourmet adds a little color to their customer’s lives. Refreshing new flavors, superb customer service and free shipping from a wedding caterer? You get that all with Waterfront Gourmet.

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