The Best Catering Service Philadelphia Has to Offer

There are as many options as you could possibly want to choose for a caterer in and around Philadelphia. In fact, as Philadelphia is what might proudly call itself a food city and has been highly ranked on that front, you might say there are more options than most. Yet time and again people settle for average catering for their events, going with options that are good enough instead of stellar, offering the plainest of basic sandwiches, sides and refreshments. With so many choices at your disposal to make your events even more special, there’s no reason to settle when you can choose Waterfront Gourmet for the best catering in Philadelphia.

Whether you need to feed the guests at a small and intimate gathering or you need to congratulate an entire office on meeting their quarterly goals, Waterfront Gourmet has the freshly prepared and original options to feed the crew. Waterfront Gourmet offers a wide and impressive selection, serving up sandwiches, hoagies, wraps and more. Waterfront Gourmet also offers fruit and vegetable trays, cheese trays, salads, hummus and salsa trays and dessert trays. They even offer a breakfast tray for earlier events with bagels, pastries and breakfast sandwiches. Of course, no catered event is complete without dessert and refreshment, and Waterfront Gourmet shines in this arena as well, with dessert trays of cookies, cakes, brownies and more as well as coffee, teas, juices and sodas. With Waterfront Gourmet’s professional selection, you no longer have to choose between only two or three menu items. You can customize the offerings at your venue as much as you like.

Menu breadth isn’t the only reason Waterfront Gourmet is the top choice for best catering Philadelphia has to offer. Not only do you have access to an excellent selection, but everything you order from Waterfront Gourmet is of the highest handpicked quality and freshly prepared or cooked to order for the event. Waterfront Gourmet places a premium on freshness and preparation and sees that through. Everything at Waterfront Gourmet is prepared in house by the gourmands before being served to you to guarantee not only freshness but satisfaction.

Perhaps most refreshing is the fact that Waterfront Gourmet will not only offer your order for pick up in only a few hours, but they will deliver it for free. So often charges are masked by caterers that end up being associated with delivery but Waterfront Gourmet will deliver your order free of charge.

So when you’re looking for the best catering Philadelphia has to offer, you can trust that Waterfront Gourmet will supply your event with grace and best of all with original and delicious dishes. You can confidently host your events knowing that the creative and original recipes you’ve come to love from Waterfront Gourmet will be the focal point of the gathering. Visit before your next event to get some ideas for what you’d like to feature. With so many inspired and original options to choose from, you’ll need to take some time to decide.

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